Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning Cup o' Joe on Small Doilies

For me, a perfect morning is a tasty cup of coffee ~ joined by a cookie (on a doily, of course), a calm dog and quiet time to create.  Such occasions are rare and short lived.  I enjoyed my (short) moment this morning, until I heard the footsteps...

I found this color combo at Color Throwdown - which I probably would not have thought to put together, but quite enjoyed the blend... (nice coffee pun, huh?)

So with the current doily craze, I thought I could play along with the WT330 SCS Challenge.  Unfortunately, I don't have any real doilies... but, I thought the detailed circle element from Stampin' Up's Artistic Etchings, had that doily look.  You have to look very closely to see them - I added the mini doilies below the white scallop effect above.

I added a little bling on heart to "perk up" this cute little cup, with a side of frothy whipped cream on the edges of the card.

Hope you find your perfect moment today.
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  1. Ooooh, I'm copying this one! I love your little window through the scalloped oval, and all the white accents are just perfect. And I always love finding ways to use red and green together without making them look Christmassy, like you did here. Nice work!

  2. Really adorable card--I lovecit. Especially your backstory! And the subtleties, the cream, the doilies, aren't unnoticed at all. I too, will be copying this one! --auntibeck

  3. Love this card Luci - I love the images that inspired this wonderful creation of whipped cream and cookies on doilies and a quiet morning... Love it!


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