Saturday, October 26, 2013

25% off Stampin Up Sets Until October 28, 2013

Stampin Up is having a fantastic sale on so many fun and beautiful sets.  Some of these were already on my wish list and some are just too good to pass up!  Here is the humongous list.  

Were you interested in any of these too?  If so, please click on the Shop button You can also see the images below:

(Hint:  To enlarge the image below in your browser, try clicking "command" and "+" as many times as you need to magnify... then, to go back to the original size, click "command" and "-" until you are comfortable with the size.  If the "command" key does not work on your computer, try the "control" with the "+" or "-" as PC, Macs and Chromes may have different functions for their keys.)

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